Overseas Shipping Guidance (EMS 국제특급우편) Notice - ANGLAN

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Overseas Shipping Guidance (EMS 국제특급우편) 앵글런 ANGLAN (ip:) DATE 2019-05-27
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Overseas Shipping Guidance (EMS 국제특급우편)


Shipment via post office EMS.


Overseas shipments will not be sent unless payment is made.


Of course, we can't ship in part.


I can send you the shipment only if you have all the goods.


Take your time and order.


Shipment dates may be delayed if warehousing and manufacturing are delayed.


Also, shipping differences may occur depending on the country you are receiving.


On average, it may take 7-21 days to receive the product.


Tell me the following via DM


< Recipient English name, country name to receive, English address, zip code, contact information from abroad, email address to use, request, Instagram ID >



Shipping costs vary depending on the weight of the product.


You cannot cancel the delivery after the delivery mail is notified.


Customs and other customs-related expenses that may arise due to the type of delivery product or weight of the delivery product, depending on the country of delivery, must be paid directly by the customer receiving the product.


Exchange and return due to simple change(size mistake, Delay in delivery, and so on) after receiving the product can be difficult because it takes a long time due to the nature of overseas delivery.


So please think carefully and make your decision! Thank you:)



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